Piedicavallo is a small town located at 1050 meters above sea level. in the last town of the Cervo valley, part of the Bursch mountain community. It currently has 188 residents and is characterized by its “lose” roofs.

The central street of Piedicavallo offers a beautiful walk, but its alleys and stairways are also of great interest. The “town hall” stairway, for example, allows you to enter the heart of the town and discover splendid “volt” (stone arches), stone benches for the “posa” (nap), beautiful stone fountains and washhouses, scattered around the country.

Piedicavallo is also famous for its beautiful bridges, such as the old wooden and iron bridge over the Mologna stream and the beautiful Coda bridge near the “le Ravere” playground, a building masterpiece of “our old” with two arches of different diameters and resting in the center on a large boulder of the Cervo torrent.

The “le Ravere” park offers large green spaces for summer picnics and a playground for children. The hamlet of Montesinaro, located in a more open position, offers instead a beautiful panorama over the valley. It can be reached via the conventional road or by taking a nice walk through the woods by taking the path that takes you alongside the church near the cemetery.

From Piedicavallo and Montesinaro you can take the various paths, suitable for both the more and the less experienced (depending on the destination), to reach the various hills and/or refuges present in the beautiful surrounding mountains.